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(test_160221) Title of the event

Abstract text for the event: These advanced training events impart diabetological specialist knowledge to assistant doctors in the clinic who are in training and further education to become specialists.

Target group: Clinicians, interns in training and further education


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Description text for the event: The aim of the event is to impart a comprehensive basic knowledge of diabetes for the diagnosis and therapy of patients with diabetes. The focus is on type 2 diabetes mellitus as a multimodal disease that is becoming increasingly important in the clinic due to its rapidly increasing prevalence.

BASIC SEMINAR 1 - 19. and 20. June 2020:
  • Diagnosis and classification
  • Initial setting on insulin under inpatient
  • Conditions part 1
  • Initial setting on insulin under inpatient
  • Conditions part 2
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Acute hyperglycemia
  • Multimodal therapy

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